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    oeht72 Guest

    Default Problem oxadminmaster / looking for the admin front end


    today i implemeted successfully my first OX6 installation by using the installationguide from the ox wiki „Open-Xchange Server 6 on openSUSE 11“. As it is still a testing environment i use exactly the user and passwords written in the document.

    System: Open Suse 11.2
    OX6: Community edition 6.14

    When i finished the installation i tried to access the server via the webbrowser by using http://<ipadress>/ox6

    When i tried the user „testuser“ and the password „secret“ the login was succesful. The same procedure happens when i tried the user „oxadmin“.

    When i tried the the user „oxadminmaster“ the system tells me that the user or the password is wrong so i tried it oncemore – same effect. After that i overwrite the passwort in the „generatempasswd“ skript but when i tried it once more i got the same info from the system „user or password is wrong“

    1.Cause of the „wrong“ password is there anything else i have to consider
    2.Is it correct using the URL „http://<ipadress>/ox for the oxadminmaster

    The second thing was that when i logged in with the user „oxadmin“ i thought to get a „Admin-front end“ to be able to setup new users, etc. But it looks still the same as the login for the user „testuser“.
    I just now found the document „Administrationshandbuch OX Server5“ where an admin front end is shown and described. Did i forgot to install something? Do i have to use another URL (i tried „http:// <ipadress>/oxadmin/login“ as written in this document) or did i overseen something in the existing front end?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Kind regards

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    OX6 doesn't have an admin-frontend. OX6 is configured on the command-line.

    But there is a Project which tries to build such a frontend:




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    oeht72 Guest


    thanks daniel,

    does it mean that that there is and will be no admin front end available coming from OX directly neither for the CE version nor for the other OX version. as i am an complete beginner in linux i do not have the knowledge to administrate the system via the command line.

    but i will try the link you send.

    we are just searching for a system that could be used in our company. i suggest to test the system as i thought that the functionality of the CE version is exactly the same as the Server version.

    kind regards


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    Carsten Hoeger is offline Open-Xchange Professional Services
    Join Date
    Mar 2007


    The Open-Xchange Appliance Edition contains a ready to use and integrated Admin Frontend:



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