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    Default Questions about open-xchange-admin daemon running as root and umask...

    Hi all, I've noticed that in my RHEL5 installation the open-xchange-admin daemon runs with the 'root' user while the open-xchange-groupware daemon runs with the 'open-xchange' user.
    Is this correct? Can I configure the open-xchange-admin daemon to run with the 'open-xchange' user or there are some side-effects?

    Furthermore, I would like to change the umask of both daemons. With open-xchange-groupware I know that I can change it in the ox-scriptconf.sh script, but with the admin daemon is not available. Can I add this option with some scripts tweaking?

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    Carsten Hoeger is offline Open-Xchange Professional Services
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    The admin daemon runs as root because of historical reasons.
    It is not necessary anymore, BUT if you change it to run as a different user you might have problems with permissions.

    And even if you fix those issues, after a package update, your changes might go away.

    As the admin daemon does nothing but accessing the database and is not able to execute externally inserted code, I'd leave it as it is.


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