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    entirenet Guest

    Question Mac Oxtender iCal Issue with multiple Data Sources

    Hello there,

    we have some trouble with mac oxtender along with the server edition in the following scenario.

    When users synchronize their appointments, tasks an contacts from their MacBook, iMac and iPhone/Smartphone, the e.g. iCal shows up all entries up to 4 times!

    Is the mac oxtender not possible to detect duplicates from multiple sources? If not, what is the best way to keep the data synchronized? Just using one source client fort the data and then synchronizing via mac oxtender to the other destination clients?



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    web-vision Guest


    We are having the same problem here. We started syncing with one iMac and ran into an error which seemed to create lots of duplicates. This got worse when we gave it a try with a fresh Macbook Pro.

    At the moment I can't recommend using the Mac Sync tool - or is anybody having different experiences?

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    Feb 2007



    have you already reported this through you OX representative or the support?



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