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    carsten.heidmann Guest

    Default Any plans for task synchronisation?

    Hi - are there plans to support task synchronisation in the TB OXtender? In my work organization I prefer to use task lists and I would be happy if I could use OX instead of some other online tool.
    Cheers, Carsten

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    yes, the task synchronisation is planed:

    Best regards,

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    what are the current plans for task synchronization?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuneke View Post

    what are the current plans for task synchronization?
    Yeah, I too wanted to ask the same thing. Give a list of plans to choose from.

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    Try to use caldav as sync solution. newer versions of ox speak caldav and tb/lightning do also. For this purpose you may copy the dav-url from the calender properties in your ox-webgui (the old one) an paste the url in the address-field of a new CalDAV Calenter in TB. Remember to activate Offline-Support in the checkbox below.

    This works fine for appointments as well as for tasks though the dav-url (something like: https://server.domain.tld/caldav/{folder-id} ) is printed in the calender properties only but not in the properties of a tasks folder. For tasks take the same url as for calendar and find out the needed folder-id (url parameter) by clicking on "send as email" on the task folder. In the new opened mail you will find a url to the task folder (THIS IS NOT NOT THE DAV-URL), from that you can read the folder-id and substitute it in the dav-url.

    In my opinion there is no need for an oxtender syncing appointments and tasks anymore. At the moment the oxtender is simply useful for contact sync.

    All right?


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