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    strafford Guest

    Default How do I setup multiple domains w/ single login?


    Currently running SLOX 4 and have multiple virtual domains. I.e. user 'bob' can log in, and there are two virtual domains he can send email from. Either he can choose bob@domain1.com or bob@domain2.com when creating/sending an email.

    How do I do this withe OXAE? I think I have added the mail domains (logged into Univention Directory Manager --> Mail - Add and added the two domains. But when I log in as 'bob', I can't select these virtual domains as my "from" address.


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    Carsten Hoeger is offline Open-Xchange Professional Services
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    Mar 2007


    You have to add every email address the user needs to use to each of the users mail addresses in the user management.

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    strafford Guest


    There is no way to say, here is a domain, and add it for all users (like you could do in SLOX 6 years ago)?

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    strafford Guest


    Where exactly do I do this? I am in the directory manager, inside users. I click on a user, and have selected "show the advanced settings" but don't see where you can add extra domains/email addresses.

    And where is this documented? I can't find it in the docs either.


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    strafford Guest


    Perhaps I don't have the terminology down. A domain alias might be a better way to describe it.

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    Mar 2009


    I would try it like this:

    1. ENTER the Directory Manager

    2. Go to USERS

    3. CLICK on the USER you want to add an email-address related to the other domain.

    4. Go to the TAB "CONTACT"

    5. Enter the new Email address in the field: "Alternative E-Mail Addresses"

    6. Hit the SMALL "+" sign on the right side - the address will be added

    7. Confirm and Safe the changes made

    8. Log OFF

    9. Log in as USER

    10. Now, when composing an email, you can choose the other mail address or set it as standard in the users personal settings

    That's it


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