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    rayk_sland Guest

    Default imap folder stuff

    Is there a way of globally configuring the open-xchange web imap client so that the INBOX appears on the same level as the other folders, not the top of the tree? In outlook, you set "root folder path," thunderbird calls it "imap server directory." It's the way our users are used to seeing their email, and if I can do it, I will.

    Also is there a way of globally specifying the location of the "Sent Folder?" Otherwise the open-xchange web imap client will now be creating a brand new folder to confuse my users...

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    rayk_sland Guest

    Default further...

    Sent folder can be changed user by user with


    or from mysql with

    update user_setting_mail set std_sent='Sent';

    Would be nice if there was a global setting for this, though

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    Feb 2007


    Actually, there are global settings:
    It also allows different default folder names for different langauges.


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    rayk_sland Guest


    thanks I did find it there too. I assume it's for new users, Yes? is there a way of changing root folder?


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