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    fachamix Guest

    Default Zimbra or OpenXchange ???

    I need some advices from you people.

    I am about to implement a groupware software in a public hospital (a big one)

    I dont know wich groupware collab. software to use, I am beetwen Zimbra and OpenXchange.

    I would like to know some experiences, some comparatives, wich features has zimbra that does not have openxchange.

    advantages and disad.

    thanks a lot.

    any link, any comment, anything will be welcome

    I forgot to say , that no matter wich one I choose, it will be , and IT HAS TO BE, the COMMUNITY EDITION , it has to be free.

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    Jun 2009


    If I had to decide now I would go with Zimbra. Community support seems much better also Zimbra offers the very basic functionality you could expect nowadays - like a Admin interface (to create and maintain accounts) and a backup function for free.
    If you believe it or not, OX does not have a Backup or Admin Interface atm. So if you are not interested to dig deep deep into your Linux server and work around the various disadvantages of OX, Zimbra is the way to go.

    Of course if you some day think you want to upgrade into a Version you have to pay for, Zimbra offers that too - as OX does.

    Why a Zimbra community user should change back from Zimbra to OX once you decide to spent some $ for a advanced version, is probably something Martin (OX staff) can explain you.

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    jrobiso2 Guest

    Default Admin, etc. for OX CE

    Don't forget Peters OX Gui (http://oxgui.wordpress.com, I think).

    If you use virtual users, not real ones, then Peter's system works well. If you use real, you will need to take care to write a script which can change both the MySQL db user's password and the host account password.

    My setup: Exim (SMTP), Dovecot (IMAP, SIEVE and local delivery). Everything SSL/TLS. Multiple domains for emails (or "contexts" in OX) and Peter's GUI handles that pretty well, including creating users, etc.

    The "Official" admin system provided with the paid OX packages was awfully complex, insisted on using LDAP (even though I didn't want that), and basically confused the crap out of me. I ended up going back to simplicity - Exim, Dovecot, OX6CE, and Peter's GUI.

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    Feb 2007


    I'd vote to use Open-Xchange (what else could is say ;-)). But seriously: it's about your requirements. Just for example: if you need to integrate a existing mail system, which is most likely on larger installations, you'll have to migrate it to Zimbra and get depended on this system in many ways. With OX you can just use it without modification. There are several advantages over competitors in terms of scalability, integration, administration and stability.

    You should contact a representative directly, he will answer all your questions. http://www.open-xchange.com/en/contactus



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