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    arnodu59 Guest

    Default repatriate its mail

    Hello all

    I find OpenXchange very well, however, I have a question.

    I wanted to know if it was possible to use OpenXchange as 'gateway' to read our mail.

    Ex : Three user account,
    an account is in the operator 'Orange' (server pop.orange.fr)
    Another 'free' (server pop.free.fr)
    And another in 'SFR' (server pop.sfr.fr)

    Is it possible that when the user connects to OpenXchange, mails are recovered from the operator and the user reads from OpenXchange? (or e-mails are retrieved every X minutes from CRON tasks)

    Thank you.
    Really sorry for my English


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    you can add external mail accounts to OX since 6.10, just select the configuration menu at Settings -> E-Mail -> Account.
    This feature can access IMAP mailboxes directly and synchronize POP mailboxes with the primary account. This allows IMAP features like flags or folders for POP mailboxes.

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    arnodu59 Guest


    Thank you very much for your answer!


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