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    openIT Guest

    Default ClamAV not running anymore


    I have have the problem getting my emails. They are retrieved from the internet but not delivered to the account in OXAE.

    Looking in mail.log:
    Error in processing, id=04156-06, virus_scan FAILED: virus_scan: ALL VIRUS SCANNERS FAILED: Clam Antivirus-clamd av-scanner FAILED: Too many retries to talk to /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl (Can't connect to UNIX socket /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl: No such file or directory) at (eval 44) line 268. (in reply to end of DATA command))
    /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl does not exist and in clamav.log I have
    ERROR: Malformed database
    I tried to empty/delete and refresh db files in /var/lib/clamav with command freshclam already.
    DB files are downloaded and created, but when I restart ClamAV it tells me:

    Starting ClamAV daemon: clamd executing: /usr/sbin/univention-mount-homedir.
    executing: /usr/bin/univention-skel.
    executing: /usr/sbin/univention-user-quota.
    LibClamAV Warning: ***********************************************************
    LibClamAV Warning: ***  This version of the ClamAV engine is outdated.     ***
    LibClamAV Warning: *** DON'T PANIC! Read http://www.clamav.net/support/faq ***
    LibClamAV Warning: ***********************************************************
    LibClamAV Error: cli_hex2str(): Malformed hexstring: This ClamAV version has reached End of Life! Please upgrade to version 0.95 or later. For more information see  www.clamav.net/eol-clamav-094 and www.clamav.net/download (length: 169)
    LibClamAV Error: Problem parsing database at line 742
    LibClamAV Error: Can't load /tmp/clamav-67ed808337d5f3ae1c356d8b44f13583/daily.ndb: Malformed database
    LibClamAV Error: Can't load /var/lib/clamav/daily.cvd: Malformed database
    ERROR: Malformed database
    Is there anything else I can do?

    Many thanks

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    Join Date
    Jun 2009

    Unhappy clamav not running

    Starting from 15 April 2010 our CVD will contain a special signature which disables all clamd installations older than 0.95 that is to say older than 1 year.

    I found this on www.clamav.net

    I stoped /etc/init.d/clamav-freshclam as first solution.

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    openIT Guest


    Thanks ... I was looking on ClamAV homepage already but seems that I was looking on wrong subpages.

    Do you have an idea how to get back to old database files as well?

    I guess all OXAE installations will be affected. I have two customers running into this problem already.

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    > I guess all OXAE installations will be affected.

    OX-Support is waiting on a fix from UCS.

    We made a manual update on a demo-machine, it works, but not sure to put that on a productive server.

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    Jun 2009


    First delete /var/lib/clamav/daily.cvd

    etc/init.d/clamav-freshclam stop
    etc/init.d/clamav-daemon start


    postsuper -r ALL

    If freshclam disabled - clamav works with the database from yesterday.

    I have sent a mail to ox-support --- and wait.

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    Mar 2009


    same problem here...had nearly a heart attack this morning
    any time-line when the fix will come?


    here is the original announcment from the CLAMAV page:

    End of Life Announcement: ClamAV 0.94.x

    October 5th, 2009 Posted by - webmaster

    All ClamAV releases older than 0.95 are affected by a bug in freshclam which prevents incremental updates from working with signatures longer than 980 bytes.
    You can find more details on this issue on our bugzilla (see bug #1395)

    This bug affects our ability to distribute complex signatures (e.g. logical signatures) with incremental updates.

    So far we haven’t released any signatures which exceed this limit.
    Before we do we want as many users as possible to upgrade to the latest version of ClamAV.

    Starting from 15 April 2010 our CVD will contain a special signature which disables all clamd installations older than 0.95 – that is to say older than 1 year.

    This move is needed to push more people to upgrade to 0.95 .
    We would like to keep on supporting all old versions of our engine, but unfortunately this is no longer possible without causing a disservice to people running a recent release of ClamAV.
    The traffic generated by a full CVD download, as opposed to an incremental update, cannot be sustained by our mirrors.

    We plan to start releasing signatures which exceed the 980 bytes limit on May 2010.

    We recommend that you always run the latest version of ClamAV to get optimal protection, reliability and performance.

    Thanks for your cooperation!
    Last edited by lukasz; 04-16-2010 at 10:55 AM.

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    openIT Guest


    Cool ... thanks. That worked.
    I sent a support request to OX with reference to this thread as well.

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    Yes, you did it. ;-)

    rm /var/lib/clamav/daily.cvd
    /etc/init.d/clamav-freshclam stop
    /etc/init.d/clamav-daemon start
    postsuper -r ALL
    postfix flush

    and all mails will be delivered ...

    It's a workaround until OX/UCS will send an update.

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    Feb 2007
    Dortmund, Germany


    We just released a fix for the problem:

    Markus Wagner
    Open-Xchange Quality Assurance

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    Smile THANKS!

    Thanks for this quick workaround and fix!

    You saved my day :-)


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