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    mjfleck2000 Guest

    Default Login FileStorageException (solved)

    Using a fresh install on Ubuntu/Feisty with the wiki instructions on 7-21-07 there is an error message after logging in.

    Error code: Got a FileStorageException for FileStorage with id 3 in Context 1 . Underlying message is: FLS-0014 Category=5 Message=Cannot create lock file. exceptionID=532897543-28. Check the StackTrace (FLS-0004,532897543-29)

    The directory /var/opt/open-xchange/filespool/1_ctx_store had permissions of root.root on the directory 1_ctx_store. I changed it to open-xchange.open-xchange (chown -R open-xchange.open-xchange /var/opt/open-xchange/filespool/1_ctx_store) ... Logged out, logged in and no more Error code.

    I certainly don't remember changing the permissions on this directory... perhaps there is a bug in the install script?


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    ubutobi Guest


    thanks a lot


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