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    Default Customizing user environment through HTTP API


    A number of user parameters cannot be handled globally by the OX server administrator (like default properties of the calendar, default view for the calendar, tags available, teams, etc.).

    In order to provide a consistent setup for all users, I'm trying to find a way to do this customization via a script that uses the HTTP API.

    My first question is: is the HTTP API the appropriate way to handle this or is there a better way to answer this need?

    If the HTTP API is the appropriate solution, is there any place where I could find an example of a script that can change a user preference?

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    The HTTP API is probably not the right way, because it can only be used after logging in as a user. A better way for an admin would be to use the configuration interfaces, e. g. the --addguipreferences option of the command line tools. Oxpedia contains the details and an example at GUI_path. You don't need to specify the entire configuration, just the keys and values which should be different from the default.

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    The --addguipreferences option is indeed the interface that I was looking for. Now, there are still something things that is not clear to me:

    - is there a hook in OX so that for example a changeuser command can be launched with --addguipreferences whenever a new user is created? That would let the administrator make sure that all users start with the same setup.

    In addition to the preference setup described above, all users should by default have their calendar visible to all other users. And here the --addguipreferences does not seem to answer this need. Any idea on the best approach to handle this?

    Kind regards,


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    An update on this topic.

    For those using oxldapsync, there is a way to define a set of default parameters for all users: you can add the --addguipreferences to the file mapping.*.conf (depending on your setup), for example (with the forthcoming categories in OX):

    access-usm                              = "on"
    access-global-address-book-disabled     = "off"
    addguipreferences = '/gui={"categories":{"local":[{"name":"Vacation","color":1},{"name":"Meeting","color":5}]}}'
    That will add 2 categories in each user profile modified by oxldapsync.

    I still need to find out a way to setup default visibility rights on user calendars.


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