Open-Xchange releases Open-Xchange Appliance Edition v.6.16

Today the Open-Xchange Appliance Edition just got better with the release of 6.16. We are announcing the new release which includes the most recent version of Open-Xchange Server 6 v. 6.16 (OX6), the common base for the products OX HE (Hosting Edition) and OX SE (Server Edition). This new release provides Open-Xchange Server v. 6.16, new update and key registration process and several Bug fixes.

Open-Xchange Appliance Edition 6.16 offers a comprehensive feature update providing users with new usability improvements, new server and integration highlights and bug fixes. Upgrades include:
  • New team calendar view
  • Calendar subscription for the Google calendar
  • Optimized calendar invitation and confirmation
  • Usability improvements of calendar, tasks and permissions
  • Newly designed wizard status bar
  • Notification pop-ups for delegated tasks

A detailed description of all new features can be seen at

Shipped Packages and Version:

- Open-Xchange Server 6 (OX6)
Version: OX v6.16.1 Rev 3 (built 2010-04-23)
The version number is the same for the groupware server and the groupware front-end.
When reporting bugs, please make sure to include this version number in your bug report.
The version number number can be found
a) in the Login dialog
b) in the About dialog (Question icon in the upper right -> About)
c) the build number can be found at the About-Dialog of the Univention Directory Manager

- Integration Version
Version: 1.0.13-1.28

- Univention Corporate Server
Version: 2.2-7
The build number can be found at the About-Dialog of the Univention Directory Manager.

- OXtender for MS Outlook
Version: v6.16.3 (2010-03-17)
File name: OXtender_for_Microsoft_Outlook_<language>_6.16.3.m si
When reporting bugs, please include the version number in your bug report.
The version number can be found
a) in the splash screen when starting Outlook
b) Extras -> OXtender for MS Outlook -> About

- OX Client Updater
Version: v6.16.4 (2010-03-17)

A detailed description of all packages can be found in the Release Notes:

Online Update Process:
Your active maintenance subscription entitles you to the newest updates and functionalities of the Open-Xchange Appliance Edition using the online update. Please follow the instructions below to install the latest packages:

  • Working internet connection
  • The update can be applied to all OXAE releases
  • The update requires a reboot

  • In the online-updates module of UMC, under Release information, click on "Check for updates"
  • Click on "Install this update"
  • Reboot