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    Default Outlook Connector

    I am workin for a lawyer and we need to use MS Outlook to sync e-mails with other programms we are using.

    If a secretary wants to create an appointment for his lawyer, the appointment is created in this way.

    secretary = organiser ofthe appointment
    lawyer = attendant/member

    Using the OX Webinterface:

    secretary = no appointment
    lawyer = appointment

    Is there any way to solve this problem, when using MS Outlook with the Connector?

    Another point is, when I am opening an appointment shared in MS Outlook and closing it, the appointment is changed in the following way:

    Me = organiser of the appointment
    owner of the shared calender = attendant/member

    Any help?

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    you might contact your OX representative/partner or the support about this. There is no configuration that can fix this so it must be a bug or by design. Design/Features changes can be requested through your representative.



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