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    Loopback Guest

    Exclamation OX after-installation migration from one MTA to other one

    If it is possible at all?
    If YES, what I have to take care about?
    at this point I just would like it to have confirmed if it is possible or not and to know and what important points are to be kept in mind?
    short background:
    we consider the product will be provided for customers as the complete solution with pre-installed and pre-configured MTA, but some of customers may already have their own MTA and may just would like to have it as an "exchange wrap".
    Thank you very much for your help!
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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    Open-Xchange Server 6 is designed from ground up to integrate into existing environments. Changing a MTA is as simple as changing the users configuration to point to the new one. OX does not modify the MTA in any way and acts like a E-Mail client, it will start sending E-Mail through the new MTA. All typical MTA are supported (sendmail, postfix, qmail...).


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