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    Default Free script for Import from OX 0.8.x to Hyperion

    I have successfully imported Users an their Contacts
    from OX 0.8.x to Hyperion.
    If anyone is interested in this script, i will make it free available.



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    Feb 2007


    hey, great
    Would be nice to see this script somewhere

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    Default Edit scripts

    I have to edit and test the scripts for public use and
    post them ASAP...


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    Talking Import scripts available

    Here the scripts for Import Users and their contacts from
    a running OX 0.8.x host to a new Hyperion Host.

    1st script: exp_mailuser.pl
    Perl-script to load userdata from old host in a textfile called exp_mailuser_ox5.txt

    2nd script: imp_mailuser.sh
    Shell-script to create new user in Hyperion, read contacts for user online (LDAP) from running 0.8.x host and create them in the Hyperion-Database.

    If you run the 2nd script twice, the users contacts will created twice!

    Sripts are worked fine on my systems (SuSE 10.2).
    On your's without guarantee!


    P.S.: Rename the attached file to import_scripts.tgz, it's a gzipped TAR-Archiv but *.tgz files not allowed here...
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