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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default connection to oxae-server not able

    Hi folks, following problem:

    A pc with MS Windows in on partition and openSUSE in an other at the same host;
    both booting OS's have the same IP and the same hostname - itīs ever the same pc (equal win or linux - it's pc "max" with IP xxxx).
    The server is standing in same local net.
    From WIN-OS it's able to connect to the ox-server, from linux it is not able to connect to the server. (The connection to the server is only allowed via https.)
    Via ping is the server reachable. https from linux is functional to other servers also all other traffic - the firewall is off.
    Access via ssh is able.
    The problem is not only Mozilla - with Konqueror too. An in the statusbar i can see "...connect with" so the connection seemed to be established - but i cannot see anything in the browser.

    May be a reason in stored certifactes on the oxae?? So the oxae "think" that's a hack, because there is stored an other identification with this hostname and IP ...?

    If it is - where are the certificates stored and it's able to delete them?

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    Feb 2007


    Hi Peter,

    the connection to the webserver is not monitored by OX. Even if a security check is triggered, this won't have consequences for displaying the login page. I suspect the error is somewhere at the linux machines network configuration. You could use tools like wireshark to monitor the network traffic when accessing the ox server.


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    pschulze59 Guest


    I think so too. Other linux-machines on this pc in further times works well.
    I've just turn off IPv6 in network but no other results.
    I'll try anything others if I've got good time to do it. (I'm working so hard...;-((


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