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    jrobiso2 Guest

    Exclamation Some users missing access to Global Address Book

    Recently I was using listuser --csv and I noticed that 3 of my users have access to the global address book set to "false" (or true, but the column is "access_....disabled").

    Thankfully, the 3 are users who only log in once a month or so, as they are accounts used for special programs. Still, I don't understand how this got this way, nor do I see a way to re-enable their access to it. Not via any command line tool, and I can't find the right field in any of the mysql tables to fix it that way.

    So, anyone have any idea on how to re-enable access to the global address book for a user (or users)?

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    only often used settings are shown at the CLT help. To get more parameters, add the --extendedoptions parameter. All settings are available at the CLT.

    sles11x64:~ # /opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser --extendedoptions | grep global
        --access-global-address-book-disabled <on/off>  Disable Global Address Book access (Default is off)

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