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    I'm looking into groupware options for our company, which runs mostly Solaris and OS X. I like the OX web interface but it seems it would be a longshot to get the system built as we'd like.

    I've found only a few references to OX running on Solaris, the most recent being from 2006. Assuming we can get it running, the next sticking point would be CalDAV support.

    We'd prefer not to be locked into a proprietary connector or limited in which clients we can use. I understand that CalDAV write support isn't available and some good reasons are given for the choice of JSON. Still, considering the growing momentum of CalDAV standard it's hard to justify choosing a product which leaves it out.

    Is there at least a way to connect iCal using SyncML?

    If we do manage to install OXCE on Solaris, where does that leave us with regard to running iCal? I don't think the OXtender for Mac is available as a separate purchase, and Solaris isn't a supported option for the commercial edition.

    Overall, am I missing anything important?

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    well you got it pretty exactly. OX will still run on Solaris somehow, but without any support or packages. We're working on SyncML support right now. You might contact our sales team to get more info about supported platforms and priority of CalDAV support. Of course everyone is free to commit contributions, but if some specific feature should be implemented by OX with a priority, there needs to be a valid business case.

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