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    Default Sync global addressbook to touchdown/android


    I'm using Touchdown on htc desire android 2.2. In Touchdown (using ActiveSync only) I am able to choose several folders inside my own space (my conacts, my calendar, etc.) for syncing. Unfortunately it is not possible to choose any public folder, i.e. a global addressbook (they are simply not visible).

    Is this a touchdown issue or an ox issue?

    Is there any trick or hack (even a dirty one would be useful for the moment on ox side that could solve that? I thought about something like "Linking a public folder in my space", or change the root node or something like that.

    Any Ideas?

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    i don't know the touchdown client, but typically the global address book is synchronized with a special functionality, Nitrodesk states "GAL Search & import" as a feature. Perhaps the Touchdown documentation might help. Using online look-up of contacts is a common feature of most ActiveSync clients.

    Right now we don't synchronize any other public or shared folders since most clients don't support them. However, we've planed a workaround and better HTC/Android support later this year.
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