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    Default MySQL connection problem


    We have some problems with our open-xchange server. Sometimes we have no access to the mysql database. This happens, because we have 100 connections to the database and the hard limit for the connection pool is 100.

    But normally we have 7 connections. There are approximately 50 User which work with the same time. So, we don't know why we have this many connections. After a few minutes, the problems solves itself.

    Is there a but in the server. Because we have this problem after the update to the version 6.18. With the version 6.16 we didn't have this problems.

    Best regards


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    Hi Christian,

    please open a bug report for this one (https://bugs.open-xchange.com/). You could add some configuration (if relevant) and environment discription. Is there anything at the logs when the connection count peaks?


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    Hi Martin!

    No, there is no relevant things in the log file. Only that no connection is available, because to many connections.
    And the database says, that 100 connection are open. But the database is still working.

    I will open the bug report.

    Best regards



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