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    toddf58 Guest

    Default Multiple email domains


    I just got Hyperion running on a Xen virtual machine. (not easy!!) But my question is, how do I get the system to receive emails for multiple domains?

    Thanks in advance.....

    P.S. If anyone has a place to upload my image, I would be more than happy to!
    Ubuntu feisty fawn 7.04. with Hyperion 6.3.

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    rhultay Guest

    Default Xen and OpenXchange

    Same here, I'm running 3 OpenXchange Xen Domains on a Gentoo Box.

    I have sought to support multi-domain OX installs before, but the answer appears to be that you need to do some SQL magic work to get it going.

    I simply create a new Xen Domain for each Mail Domain I want to host.


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