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    jeichhor Guest

    Default remote appointments not showing up in calendar view

    oxtender fetches remote events from ox-server but only local entered events show up in calendar view.
    remote events show up on ipod-touch using the builtin exchange-connector and webaccess.
    synchronizing contacts works fine.

    how can i solve this problem?
    thanks in advance, regards joerg eichhorn


    oxserver is OX6, called mailxchange by 1&1

    i have upgraded thunderbird from 3.0x to 3.1.4
    i have installed ligthning addon, added one appointment.
    after that i installed open-xchange-thunderbird-connector-1.7.0-0-TB3.xpi
    and entered server data

    useragent appears as this:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de; rv: Gecko/20100915 Lightning/1.0b2 Thunderbird/3.1.4
    OXTender4Thunderbird 1.7.0-0

    after synchronizing oxtender:
    dump oxcalendar_app_id_mapping:
    dump cal_events:

    readAppointments for folder 57
    read appointments url: https://www.mailxchange.de/ajax/cale...=1300960424000
    recieved 3 appointments from server
    ox6Object2InternalObject: 1
    ox6Object2InternalObject: 2
    ox6Object2InternalObject: 6
    ox6 readAppointmentsReady
    3 appointments converted from server response
    readAppointmentsReady event detected for folder: 57
    3 appointments fetched
    listAppointmentIdsForFolder: SQL: SELECT local_id FROM oxcalendar_app_data WHERE folder = ?1
    getSyncObjects for folder: 57
    getSyncObjects: SELECT local_id, remote_id, local_timestamp, remote_folder, remote_timestamp FROM oxcalendar_app_id_mapping WHERE folder = ?1
    mapping for local id e2cf9239-8b13-4b4b-8109-e20f8adda0ba found by remote id: 1
    save appointment as pos 0 from 3 appointments
    existsAppointmentData folder=57, localId=e2cf9239-8b13-4b4b-8109-e20f8adda0ba
    saveAppointmentData: folderId=57, localId=e2cf9239-8b13-4b4b-8109-e20f8adda0ba, exists=true
    mapping for local id 95e0d351-1a52-45fe-a605-f7ab6be0f3bb found by remote id: 2
    save appointment as pos 1 from 3 appointments
    existsAppointmentData folder=57, localId=95e0d351-1a52-45fe-a605-f7ab6be0f3bb
    saveAppointmentData: folderId=57, localId=95e0d351-1a52-45fe-a605-f7ab6be0f3bb, exists=true
    mapping for local id 5ee0420e-d472-42fa-8b3b-df018f2afe7d found by remote id: 6
    save appointment as pos 2 from 3 appointments
    existsAppointmentData folder=57, localId=5ee0420e-d472-42fa-8b3b-df018f2afe7d
    saveAppointmentData: folderId=57, localId=5ee0420e-d472-42fa-8b3b-df018f2afe7d, exists=true
    read 3 appointments from server, added 3 appointments to local storage
    delete 0 item from local storage
    no old local entries to delete in folder 57
    merged 3 items to storage for folder 57
    startCalendarSync: read folder at pos 1 from 1 folders
    calendarSyncReady: refresh all OX calendar
    start main thread action: refreshCalendars
    start main thread action: startAddressbookSync

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    Nov 2009



    did you create a new Open-Xchange calendar in your Thunderbird Calendar view? Here are the steps from the installation guide:

    To subscribe a new calendar you have to:

    * Create a new calendar (right mouse below the 'privat' calendar) and press 'New Calendar ...'
    * In the new dialog set the choose 'Network' as new calendar location and press continue
    * In the next window choose Open-Xchange as calendar format and press continue.
    * To finish the subscription choose a color and set a name for the new calendar. Here you can also set your mailaccount that is from now connected with this calendar and you can choose the Open-Xchange folder you want to subscribe

    Best regards,

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    jeichhor Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by sebastiankauss View Post

    did you create a new Open-Xchange calendar in your Thunderbird Calendar view?
    i did not. it now worked as you described.

    thanks a lot.
    best regards, joerg


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