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    Default https access to open-xchange (ssl)

    Dear All,

    I have installed open-xchange the last version on my debian lenny. It really runs great. One thing, however, I cannot access it through https. I have my apache configured correctly (as far as I can tell) and all other pages are accessible through ssl. However when I access open xchange I just get scattered message about loading script and the webpage stalls. I am failry new to linux and do not know how to correct this. Can somebody point me in the correct direction? Thanks.

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    to access OX via ssl the same settings for mod_deflate, mod_expires and mod_rewrite are required. Please make sure that all configuration stuff for the non-ssl site also exists with the ssl site.

    Can't tell you more since i don't know your setup.


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    Thank you Martin, it works flawlessly now.

    Best regards,


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