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Thread: Mail Aliases

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    rhultay Guest

    Default Mail Aliases

    I have a series of e-mail accounts setup in OX, however want to add aliases for these accounts.

    I have tried defining the aliases in /etc/mail/aliases, however, it would appear that in main.cf for postfix, there is a specification for ox_virtual_addresses.

    How do I add aliases to the database?

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    rhultay Guest

    Default Found a few Tricks

    I attempted to use /opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser to add aliases to a user, however get the following error message:

    user roman.hultay in context 1 could not be changed:
    Server response:
    primaryMail, Email1 and defaultSenderAddress must be present in set of aliases.

    The syntax I was using is: ./changeuser -A oxadmin -P secret -c 1 -u theusername -a useralias@domain.tld

    When I try to use MySQL to insert into address_mappings, I do not know the values for 'cid' and 'id' to input, therefore am keeping my hands off.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    sledge0303 Guest


    I havn't found a solution for adding mail aliases yet, what means it is quite interesting to know how this should work.
    All what I know is, it works really fine with OX5.

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    mani Guest


    I added the aliases manually in the table "user_attribute".
    Maybe this is not right way, but it works...

    Just give the 2 Mail-Addresses the same id.
    You can get the id for an user in the table "login2user".

    For example:
    | cid | id | name  | value
    | 1   | 4  | alias | mail1@example.com
    | 1   | 4  | alias | mail2@example.com
    Now the user with the id 4 has 2 mail addresses.

    greetings mani

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    sledge0303 Guest


    I see. Many thanks for Information, Mani. Reply by developers regarding mail alias would be appreciated as well and may there's another way to solve this.

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    jbaack Guest


    I know this is an old thread but I was going through these trying to solve the same problem. The error message finally made me realize how to do it - you submit a list of aliases and you need to make sure the existing primary email, email1 (if exists) and default sender are all in this list.

    so if there is just a primary (also def. sender) do as above but -a primaryemail@domain.tld,newalias@domain.tld

    Anyway, this worked for me.


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