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    Default Funambol syncing problem

    Hello All,

    I would like som help with my syncing problem between the lates version of open xchange and windows mobile running funambol client 8.7.

    I installed funambol server 8.7 on my server according to the documentation on funambol website. I also installed ox connector 7.0.5 and configured it.

    Now, when I try to sync the funambol client says it is syncing but when if's finished there are no synced items when I log into openxchange account.

    These are two parts of the funambol log which contain some errors. All the rest of the log (and it is veeeery long) seem to be OK. Please help.

    Logs to follow:

    [2010-10-10 01:28:14,875] [funambol.handler] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] current state: STATE_START
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,132] [funambol.auth] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] Username: user
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,137] [funambol.ox] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] rquest http://localhost:80/ajax/login?action=login; for the user: 'user'
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,196] [funambol.ox] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] ---------> code: 200 response: {"session":"b7a248f3d409483f90ed4fd3453b1427","ran dom":"0e08909b79f944feb0bdcf631b3803fd"}
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,197] [funambol.auth] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] User with 'jd' is a VALID OX user; start loading the folder ids
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,202] [funambol.auth] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] Device with 'fwm-00F3F517301194440' exists.
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,213] [funambol.auth] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] Downloading user info from Open-Xchange server
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,214] [funambol.ox] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] OXEntityDAO: information: sessionid:
    sessionID : b7a248f3d409483f90ed4fd3453b1427
    cookieID : null
    jsessionID : JSESSIONID=7ec33cac6a984e148a1b9f22e20b0014.APP1
    oxIdentifier : null
    module : null
    timeZoneId : null
    Calendar Folder :
    Contact Folder :
    Task Folder :
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,214] [funambol.ox] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] OXEntityDAO: getConfig request:http://localhost:80/ajax/config/?ses...ed4fd3453b1427
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,227] [funambol.auth] [ERROR] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [] [] Error setting information for the user: user
    com.funambol.ox.exception.OXAccessException: Wrong response while attempting to retrieve config data.

    And this is part two in the end:

    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,905] [funambol.server] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Creating response with charset: UTF-8
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,906] [funambol.server] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Starting output canonization
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,909] [funambol.transport.http] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Setting Accept-Encoding to gzip,deflate
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,909] [funambol.transport.http] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Compressing the response using: deflate
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,909] [funambol.transport.http] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Setting Uncompressed-Content-Length to: 1374
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,910] [funambol.transport.http] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Setting Content-Length to: 526
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,910] [funambol.transport.http] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Setting Content-Encoding to: deflate
    [2010-10-10 01:28:15,911] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Request processed.
    [2010-10-10 01:43:19,315] [funambol.transport.http] [INFO] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Closing session A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44
    [2010-10-10 01:43:19,316] [funambol.transport.http] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Closing holder for A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44
    [2010-10-10 01:43:19,316] [funambol.engine] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Closing synchronization process
    [2010-10-10 01:43:19,316] [funambol.engine] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [oxtask] Database 'oxtask' in state CONFIGURED
    [2010-10-10 01:43:19,316] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] moving to state: STATE_ERROR [Session aborted with status code: SESSION_EXPIRED]
    [2010-10-10 01:43:19,316] [funambol.handler] [TRACE] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Logging out...
    [2010-10-10 01:43:19,316] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] moving to state: STATE_ENDED
    [2010-10-10 01:43:19,316] [funambol.handler] [INFO] [A03810813D10904DF4C7E30B92A52B44] [] [fwm-00F3F517301194440] [user] [] Synchronization completed with error(s)

    Best regards

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    kt1040 Guest



    did you find a solution for this problem? I do have the same problem here using OX 6.18 with funambol connector 7.0.8

    Thanks for answer and hopefully help.

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    Nope. I gave up on that after hours of experimenting. I think the oxtender needs updating and there is no work being done in that direction. However Martin Braun said the 6.18.1 version will have syncml implementation for address book so it could sync with funambol client natively. Can't wait. Although, the perfect solution including calendar sync is not possible in the community edition, or so it seems. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    SyncML Beta starts with 6.18.2. Synchronizing calendar is not yet possible, correct.

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    Nov 2010
    Lleida, Spain

    Cool ox-connector patch


    You should have a look at this:


    There is a problem with funambolconnector and new versions of OX. This file: ox-core/src/main/java/com/funambol/ox/util/Utility.java of connector must be patched. I attach to this post the patched connector (version 7.1). Hope this help you!

    I could sync contacts and events with Nokia Symbian devices and also Android devices with a little effort, because there is not a free and mature SyncML client for Android yet (Funambol client is under development, but some snapshots seems to work ).
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Just want to ask whether there are any plans for syncml (or any other) calendar synchronisation to be added into the community edition in the future? I am really missing this feature but I like open xchange much better than other software so do not want to switch. Thanks.

    Best regards

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    i am not aware of any roadmap for this. That does not mean that we won't implement it, just that it won't happen in the short term.



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