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    Matcheu Guest

    Default Synchronise "groupOfNames"


    I'm using openLDAP and Open-Xchange Server 6.
    I want to synchronize my LDAP groups but I'm using the objectClass "groupOfNames".
    I tried different configurations but I never succeed.

    These are my parameters :

    #Custom filter for finding groups
    groupFilter = objectClass=groupOfName
    # unique id Attribute
    uidAttribute = employeeNumber
    # Attributename of groups for member
    groupMemberAttribute = member
    # Is attribute a distinguished name
    memberAttributeIsDN = yes
    # unique name attribute for group
    groupNameAttribute = cn
    # displayname attribute for group
    groupDisplayNameAttribute = cn
    # unique number attribute for group
    groupNumberAttribute = cn
    # attribute name where a users primary is stored
    userPrimaryGroupAttribute = employeeNumber

    Is there something to know about groupOfNames or do I have to use "posixGroup" ?


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    Apr 2014

    Arrow Same problem with groupOfNames

    Hi, maybe I can't push this entry a bit, I know that its very old but I'm facing exactly the same problem at the moment.

    Is there any way to get OX running with the groupOfNames object class?

    Cheers FillFeile

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