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    Default Fehlermeldungen nach Upgrade von 6.18.0-Rev14 auf 6.18.1-Rev5

    Hallo zusammen,

    ich habe im Apache-Log nach Upgrade auf o. g. Version ein paar Fehlermeldungen, die ich nicht ganz zuordnen kann:

    [Wed Oct 20 11:00:37 2010] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/ox6/plugins/com.openexchange.secret.recovery/lang, referer:
    [Wed Oct 20 11:00:37 2010] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/ox6/plugins/com.openexchange.usm.eas/lang, referer:
    Folgende Pakete sind installiert:

    dpkg -l | grep open-xchange
    ii  open-xchange                                                                                           Open-Xchange server scripts and configuration
    ii  open-xchange-activation                                                                                Bundled version of the Java Activation Framework
    ii  open-xchange-admin                                                                                     Open Xchange Admin Daemon containing commandline tools and pro
    ii  open-xchange-admin-client                                                                              The Open Xchange Admin Daemon RMI client library
    ii  open-xchange-admin-doc                                                                                 Documentation for the Open Xchange RMI client library.
    ii  open-xchange-admin-lib                                                                                 The Open Xchange Admin Daemon Bundle client library
    ii  open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting                                                                      Open Xchange Admin Hosting Plugin
    ii  open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-client                                                               The Open Xchange Admin Hosting RMI client library
    ii  open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-doc                                                                  Documentation for the Open Xchange RMI client library.
    ii  open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-lib                                                                  The Open Xchange Admin Hosting Bundle client library
    ii  open-xchange-authentication-database                                                                   The Open-Xchange Database Authentication
    ii  open-xchange-cache                                                                                     The Open-Xchange Server Caching Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-calendar                                                                                  Calendar Module
    ii  open-xchange-calendar-printing                                                                         Printing calendars via templating
    ii  open-xchange-charset                                                                                   charset bundle
    ii  open-xchange-common                                                                                    jar files and OSGi bundles commonly used by all open-xchange p
    ii  open-xchange-configread                                                                                The Open-Xchange Server Config Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-contactcollector                                                                          The contact collector collects eMail addresses in a custom con
    ii  open-xchange-control                                                                                   The Open-Xchange Server Control Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-conversion                                                                                The Open-Xchange Conversion Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-conversion-engine                                                                         The Open-Xchange Conversion Engine Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-conversion-servlet                                                                        The Open-Xchange Conversion Servlet
    ii  open-xchange-crypto                                                                                    Provides cryptography services to bundles in the OX server
    ii  open-xchange-data-conversion-ical4j                                                                    The Open-Xchange data conversion iCal4j implementation
    ii  open-xchange-dataretention                                                                             The Open-Xchange Server Data Retention Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-eas                                                                                       The Open-Xchange Server EAS Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-file-storage                                                                              The Open-Xchange File Storage Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-folder-json                                                                               The Open-Xchange folder JSON interface bundle
    ii  open-xchange-genconf                                                                                   The Open-Xchange Server Generic Configuration Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-genconf-mysql                                                                             Stores a set of generic options in the mysql database
    ii  open-xchange-global                                                                                    global bundle
    ii  open-xchange-group-managerequest                                                                       The Open-Xchange Server Group Management Request Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-gui                                                                                       Package containing the AJAX gui
    ii  open-xchange-gui-themes-default                                                                        Package containing the default themes
    ii  open-xchange-gui-wizard-plugin                                                                         Open-Xchange GUI Wizard Server Plug-In.
    ii  open-xchange-gui-wizard-plugin-gui                                                                     Open-Xchange GUI Wizard Plug-In.
    ii  open-xchange-help-usm-eas                                                                              Open-Xchange OXTender for Business Mobility Help.
    ii  open-xchange-html                                                                                      The Open-Xchange HTML Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-i18n                                                                                      The Open-Xchange i18n Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-imap                                                                                      The Open-Xchange Server IMAP Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-jcharset                                                                                  jcharset bundle
    ii  open-xchange-mailfilter                                                                                Open Xchange Mailfilter Plugin
    ii  open-xchange-management                                                                                The Open-Xchange Management Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-messaging                                                                                 The Open-Xchange Messaging Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-messaging-facebook                                                                        The Open-Xchange Messaging Facebook Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-messaging-generic                                                                         The Open-Xchange Messaging Generic Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-messaging-json                                                                            The Open-Xchange Messaging JSON Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-messaging-rss                                                                             The Open-Xchange Messaging Facebook Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-messaging-twitter                                                                         The Open-Xchange Messaging Twitter Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-meta-admin                                                                                The Open-Xchange Meta package for User/Group Provisioning
    ii  open-xchange-meta-gui                                                                                  The Open-Xchange Meta package for OX GUI
    ii  open-xchange-meta-messaging                                                                            The Open-Xchange Meta package for Messaging
    ii  open-xchange-meta-mobility                                                                             The Open-Xchange Meta package for Business Mobility
    ii  open-xchange-meta-pubsub                                                                               The Open-Xchange Meta package for Publish and Subscribe
    ii  open-xchange-meta-server                                                                               The Open-Xchange Meta package for OX Backend
    ii  open-xchange-meta-singleserver                                                                         The Open-Xchange Meta package for OX on a single server
    ii  open-xchange-mobile-configuration-generator                                                             Open-Xchange Mobile Configuration Generator
    ii  open-xchange-mobile-configuration-gui                                                                  Open-Xchange Gui for Mobility Configuration.
    ii  open-xchange-mobile-configuration-json                                                                 Mobility Configuration Servlet.
    ii  open-xchange-mobile-configuration-json-action-email                                                             Mobility Provisioning eMail transport.
    ii  open-xchange-monitoring                                                                                The Open-Xchange Monitoring Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-online-help-de                                                                            Package containing german OX online help
    ii  open-xchange-online-help-en                                                                            Package containing english OX online help
    ii  open-xchange-online-help-fr                                                                            Package containing french OX online help
    ii  open-xchange-passwordchange-database                                                                   The Open-Xchange Password Change Database Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-passwordchange-servlet                                                                    The Open-Xchange Password Change Servlet
    ii  open-xchange-pop3                                                                                      The Open-Xchange Server POP3 Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-proxy                                                                                     The Open-Xchange Proxy Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-proxy-servlet                                                                             The Open-Xchange Proxy Servlet Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-publish                                                                                   Interfaces defining the OX publication API
    ii  open-xchange-publish-basic                                                                             Basic OSGi based implementation of the publication infrastruct
    ii  open-xchange-publish-infostore-online                                                                  Publishes a single infostore document externally
    ii  open-xchange-publish-json                                                                              HTTP-API Interface implementation for publication services
    ii  open-xchange-publish-microformats                                                                      Publishes a set of objects in OXMF externally
    ii  open-xchange-push                                                                                      The Open-Xchange Push Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-push-udp                                                                                  The Open-Xchange Server Push UDP Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-report-client                                                                             Open-Xchange reporting client.
    ii  open-xchange-resource-managerequest                                                                    The Open-Xchange Server Resource Manage Request Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-secret                                                                                    Creates plugin architecture for supplying the application with
    ii  open-xchange-secret-recovery                                                                           Recovery for saved encrypted strings when changing the secret.
    ii  open-xchange-secret-recovery-json                                                                      Recovery for saved encrypted strings when changing the secret
    ii  open-xchange-secret-recovery-mail                                                                      Recovery for saved encrypted strings when changing the secret
    ii  open-xchange-server                                                                                    The Open-Xchange Server Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-sessiond                                                                                  The Open-Xchange Server Session Daemon
    ii  open-xchange-settings-extensions                                                                       The Open-Xchange Settings Extensions
    ii  open-xchange-smtp                                                                                      The Open-Xchange Server SMTP Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-spamhandler-default                                                                       The Open-Xchange Default Spam Handler
    ii  open-xchange-sql                                                                                       SQL Builder API
    ii  open-xchange-subscribe                                                                                 Basic OSGi based implementation of the subscription infrastruc
    ii  open-xchange-subscribe-crawler                                                                         Subscribe Crawler feeds
    ii  open-xchange-subscribe-json                                                                            HTTP-API Interface implementation for subscription services
    ii  open-xchange-subscribe-microformats                                                                    Subscribe Microformat feeds
    ii  open-xchange-templating                                                                                Provides access to the templating subsystem
    ii  open-xchange-templating-json                                                                           Provides access to template names via the HTTP-API
    ii  open-xchange-themes-default                                                                            Package containing the default themes
    ii  open-xchange-threadpool                                                                                The Open-Xchange Thread Pool Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-twitter                                                                                   The Open-Xchange Twitter Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-unifiedinbox                                                                              The Open-Xchange Server Unified INBOX Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-user-json                                                                                 The Open-Xchange user JSON interface bundle
    ii  open-xchange-usm                                                                                       The Open-Xchange Server USM Bundle
    ii  open-xchange-xerces-sun                                                                                Xerces Compat for Sun Java
    ii  open-xchange-xml                                                                                       XML Services
    Hat jemand einen Tipp für mich.

    Danke und viele Grüße,


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    Feb 2007


    Hallo Maik,

    das GUI bekommt vom Server eine Liste an installierten Plugins und durchsucht einen entsprechenden Pfad nach Übersetzungen. Für diese Plugins gibt es keine Übersetzung, daher der 404. Das Verhalten ist schon länger bekannt und unschön, sollte aber eigentlich keine Probleme verursachen.


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    Hallo Martin,

    vielen Dank für deine Hilfe.




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