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    fanofopenxchange Guest

    Default mail is not shown in mailbox until 5 minutes


    I hope somebody can help me.
    I have installed a new email server with postfix, cyrus etc.
    I alos have a Openxchange with the imap plugin. Both work perfectly together.
    Now the problem is when i get a mail, the mail is showing in the quickinfo loginscreen but i have to wait 5 minutes until the mail comes to the mailbox and i can read it.
    Does anybody now what goes here wrong?
    Sorry for my english i hobe it is good enought too describe this "error" clear enought!

    Thank you for your help

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    rolfpf Guest


    Do you have any incoming filters on IMAP or outgoing filters on SMTP?

    If they are not working correctly it can cause this sort of behaviour.


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