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    Default Understanding Ldap Sync


    We have succesfuly installed OX6 and we have created 5 users

    Now we want to use our existing Openldap for authentification.

    I/ if we desinstall package open-xchange-authentication-database and install open-xchange-authentication-ldap and configure /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/ldap.properties and without installing ldapsync:

    I1- if we desinstall package open-xchange-authentication-database, is this means that we can't use the mysql database for authentification and also that we can't longer use the 5 users which we have created befor in our OX6 ?

    I2- Is that these steps will enable us to authenticate directly to our openldap whithout any synchronisation?

    I3- We have 10 users in our openldap, what about their imap account?

    II/ Now we install the ox ldap sync :

    II1- is this synchronisation means that all of the information in our openldap will be in the mysql database of OX?

    II2- Is this synchronization can automatically created ,for all the users in the openldap , an imap accounts on the imap server?


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    i'm also interested in this explanation


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