Hello, we are experiencing consistent crashes with oxtender for thunderbird on Windows: when the user tries to create an appointment and invite another person, as soon as he types the user e-mail address Thunderbird freeze and crashes.


Windows XP 32 bit
Thunderbird 3.1.6
Lightning 1.0b2
Oxtender for thun 1.7.5-4-TB3 (stable)
or (tried both, same problem)
Oxtender for thun (unstable)


Debian lenny 64 bit

With a linux client (ubuntu 64 bit) connected to the same server, thunderbird 3.0, lightning 1.0b1 and oxtender 1.7.5-4-TB3 it works

Let me know if we can give you any other information useful to solve the problem.

Thank you
Best regards
Massimiliano Ferrero