I faced with some problems when importing users from LDAP to Open-Xchange via oxldapsync. The problem is that in my organization there are a few users with the same displayname (but different logins). All problem is exposed in this thread: http://www.open-xchange.com/forum/sh...with-same-name

In fact, in real life there are many people with the same name.

The explanation of M. Braun is about the WebDAV filesistem and the fact that the name of directories of infostore must be unique.

Now I'm trying to think how could I generate unique displaynames. I thought that maybe would be possible to generate displaynames as a concatenation of fields (e.g. displayname + mail). This solution probably would be a workarround for this problem.

So now,...

is this possible from the oxldapsync perspective? How should I configure it?

The ideal would be (for example) to get as OX displayname=
displayname + " (" + mail ")"
from LDAP.

I think this could help another users of Open-Xchange.