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    Default OX HTTP API change appointment


    I import a ical file into a public calendar with the http-api. I also change the participants to a specified group. This works! Now i want to change the status from the users from waiting to accept for every participant. It works with the owner (oxadmin), but i can't set it for the user.
    The question:
    Is it possible to set this status?
    From my opinion it should be possible, but i can't set this status for the other users!

    best regards


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    Hi Chris,

    the appointment status can only be updated by the user itself.


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    Hi Martin!

    Thank you for our answer! I need this feature, so is it a good idea to write a mysql trigger to change the status for the selected pubic folder? So the problem is, we have some public folder, e.g Events. If a event will be created, I can't see the event in my private folder. It is only possible, when you are member of the event (I set this with the http api). So the event will be imported automaticly and the status should be set do accepted. My be there is a better solution!

    best regards


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