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    Default Shared Calendars sometimes marked as Global Calendars?


    We have around 50 users with private calendars marked as readable to a group containing all the users. This means that a user can check the non-private events in another person's calendar by selecting the appropriate shared folder. But sometimes the calendars in the shared folder are marked with a different calendar icon - it appears to have World symbol on it indicating, presumably, a global calendar. If such a calendar is selected the check box at the bottom of the screen ("Show all my appointments from all calendars") is also available. On a normal shared calendar it is not there. If this check box has been selected a user sees his own entries in the calendar pane and not those from the shared calendar. For shared calendars without the World symbol and without the checkbox, the user sees the correct entries.

    On logging out or refreshing the screen a different set of shared calendars sometimes appears with the "global" symbol, so this is clearly some sort of bug and not a permission problem.

    Anyone else seeing this too?

    Version in use : 6.18.2 Rev14 ( 2010-12-22 12:40:47 )

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    Thanks for the report. The "world" symbol shows shared or published folders. The icon indicates that a folder has been shared, but its only shown to users with admin permissions on that folder. The background is to determine shared resources easily but only users with admin permissions can change the permissions so the icon is only shown to them. Can you describe what permissions your users have? It would be great to have a example that allows to reproduce the issue.


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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    In the GUI we have a group "All users" that everyone belongs to. This group has been given the following permissions to access each of the users' main calendars:

    Folder Admin: No
    Admin: Visible folder
    Read objects: Read all
    Modify objects: Modify own
    Delete objects: Delete own

    The owner of a calendar has the following permissions for his own calendar:

    Folder Admin: Yes
    Admin: Maximum
    Read objects: Maximum
    Modify objects: Maximum
    Delete objects: Maximum

    I am seeing the effect with my own login which was setup with these capabilities on the command line:

    --access-combination-name all

    However, other "normal" users see the problem too. They were set up like this:

    --access-webmail on --access-calendar on --access-contacts on --access-delegate-tasks on --access-edit-public-folder on --access-forum on --access-ical on --access-infostore on --access-pinboard-write on --access-projects on --access-read-create-shared-Folders on --access-rss-bookmarks on --access-rss-portal on --access-syncml on --access-tasks on --access-vcard on --access-webdav on --access-webdav-xml on --access-webmail on --access-edit-resource off --access-edit-group off --access-edit-password off --access-collect-email-addresses on --access-multiple-mail-accounts on --access-subscription on --access-publication on --access-active-sync on --access-usm on --access-global-address-book-disabled off
    --gui_spam_filter_capabilities_enabled true


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    This problem appears to have been resolved in version 6.18.2 Rev20 ( 2011-02-11 10:45:13 ).




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