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    Default sieve for shared folders

    hi there,
    i am looking for a possibility to use sieve in combination with shared folders. How can i implement this in OX? I want to forward some incomming emails from a shared folder to a specific user.

    installed: OX6 6.18.0 Rev14

    best regards

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    the first question would be how the messages get into this shared folder. Because sieve scripts only work on the delivery process. So you have to find a way to get in between. e.g. If the mails are put into this shared folder by a special user then you should consider adding a new rule for this user which forwards the mails to the other user.

    But if the mails are already in the folder by any magic there's no way for sieve scripts to access them as sieve scripts are only involved in the delivery process.



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    thank you for information - based on it, the following settings did the trick here:

    1) create sieve script

    2) upload it as user cyrus
    sieveshell --user=cyrus --authname=cyrus localhost
    [Enter YourPassword]
    put YourScriptsName

    3) config mailbox for new script
    cyradm --user cyrus localhost
    [Enter YourPassword]
    mboxcfg SomeSharedFolder sieve YourScriptsName
    info SomeSharedFolder

    Now, the global sieve script executes for linked shared folders !

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    How did you guys manage that? I wrote a simple script, put it on the server, did the mboxcfg stuff.

    require [ "fileinto" , "reject" , "regex" ] ;
    if anyof ( header :is "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" , header :contains "X-Amavis-Allert" "BAD HEADER SECTION" )
    fileinto "shared/bibliothek/Junk" ;
    stop ;

    Same result: It seems cyrus simply ignores the sieve script. Still it delivers spam mails into the shared folder. Is there any way to log what cyrus and sieve are doing? In /var/log/mail.* I can't see anything concering sieve.

    Our user sieve scripts working fine, therefore i believe it has nothing todo with sieve itself.

    Best regards.
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    OX Server:7.8.2-Rev37 on Univention Corporate Server 4.1-4


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