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    Default Update Appliance Edition to Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition v6.18.2

    Update Appliance Edition to Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition v6.18.2

    Open-Xchange informs you about the consolidation of our on-premises products. By consolidating the code streams, we are able to serve you with ONE solution that combines the benefits of the Appliance Edition (such as easy installation and easy updating) with the benefits of the Advanced Server Edition (such as comprehensive manageability and scalability).

    As customers of Open-Xchange Appliance Edition, you will benefit directly from this consolidation as you get updates, patches and fixes faster for the Open-Xchange groupware, as well as for the underlying operating system, Univention Corporate Server. Furthermore, you can simply upgrade from “Single Server” to “Multi Server” by entering a new license code.

    Moreover, Open-Xchange has learned that most of our customers using Open-Xchange Appliance Edition look for more flexibility to backup and restore their mission-critical e-mail and groupware server utilizing a professional backup software and methods. Hence, we provide a new comprehensive documentation http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=ASE_Backup_en that explains the pros and cons of different backup options. The documentation includes instructions on how to create simple snapshots of Open-Xchange Server using command line tools as well as strategies to understand full backup of groupware, operating system, and file system – This is a MUST for all organizations that depend on ongoing email and groupware services as it will provide additional security.

    The product name "Appliance Edition” will disappear and will be replaced by "Open-Xchange Advanced Server - Single Server". Open-Xchange Appliance Edition customers may update to the latest version of Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition at any time with no additional cost.

    Detailed update instructions – including information on new backup and recovery options - are available at http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...nstallation_en

    Feature Overview:
    A detailed overview of features and differences of Open-Xchange on-premises products can be seen at http://www.open-xchange.com/en/open-...-en/comparison

    Release Notes
    A detailed description of all packages and features can be found in the Release Notes:

    Improved Online Update process for Open-Xchange Appliance Edition Customers:

    The system can then be updated as usual for UCS using the univention-updater net command or the UMC module Online Update.
    - Please enter your username/password first under the component called „OX" and activate it.
    - In the online-updates module of UMC, under Release information, click on "Check for updates"
    - Click on "Install this update"
    - Under OX component, click on "Check for updates"
    - Click on "Install this update"
    - Reboot
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