Open-Xchange releases UCS Hotfix 2011-03-17

This Release fixes bugs of Univention Corporate Server 2.4 which is integrated at Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition and Open-Xchange Server Edition for UCS. The Hotfix is available for all customers with a valid Open-Xchange license.

Fixed Components:
- Postfix: CVE identification figure: CVE-2010-0411
- Samba: CVE identification figure:*CVE-2011-0719

Installation of this PTF:

The system can then be updated as usual for UCS using the univention-updater net command or the UMC module Online Update.
- Please enter your username/password first under the component called „OX" and activate it.
- In the online-updates module of UMC, under Release information, click on "Check for updates"
- Click on "Install this update"
- Under OX component, click on "Check for updates"
- Click on "Install this update"
- Reboot