Open-Xchange Releases Preview of Open-Xchange Mobile Web App

Later this year, Open-Xchange will release Open-Xchange Mobile Web App, which lets you access data from Open-Xchange Server 6 with your iPhone or other Internet enabled devices. Open-Xchange Mobile Web App offers online access to appointments, contacts and mails on the road using your smart phone. Open-Xchange Mobile Web App provides users with a special web client, providing end users with instant access to their data, which are at the same time safely stored on Open-Xchange Server. Moreover, you can start a call clicking on a phone number in your Open-Xchange contacts on your Smartphone. The following modules are supported:
  • Mail Module: Access to all Open-Xchange standard folder: Inbox, Sent, Trash, Spam and Drafts; Creation of new e-mails; Answer, forward and delete e-mails
  • Contact Module: Access to all Open-Xchange contact folders and contact details; Integration of Google MapsŪ for address data; Creation of e-mail directly from contact module; Start call directly from contact module
  • Calendar Module: Access to all Open-Xchange calendar folders and appointments details; Accept/Decline of appointments; Participants and resources list from all appointments
  • Persistence of the Mobile Web App: Offline capability; All contacts and appointments are available offline; All mails header are available offline; All mails which are opened once are available offline
  • Configuration: Number of e-mails retrieved (25,50,75,100); Number of days, which will be checked for appointments (5,10,20,30); Animation for iOS-devices (on/off); Subscription of contact folders; Auto-Login

In order to maintain product quality, Open-Xchange is opening up a public beta program to Open-Xchange Customers, Partners and our Community who are willing to try out the tool and provide feedback to Open-Xchange.

Open-Xchange provides the information necessary for your successful preview testing on a special website. There you will find the following information:
  • Basic introduction to feature set
  • Installation guide, requirements, configuration guide
  • Reporting
  • Etc.

Please follow the link:

Shipped Packages:
File name: open-xchange-gui-mobile-v2-gui_6.20.0.0-3
When reporting bugs, please include the version number in your bug report.
Product: OX Mobile App

Open-Xchange is eagerly interested in learning about your tests, specifically in your specific environment. Please provide us with your feedback via the mailing list or report issues via our Public Bugzilla.

Many thanks in advance to all preview testers who participate in the preview testing.