Two new configuration options will be added to the configuration file /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/

# Whether to use the ox login name to check for a valid push event.
# The default is to only check the users aliases.
# If is not contained in the list of aliases,
# set this to true.
# Warning: This won't work in multidomain setups where the same login
# might exist in different contexts!
com.openexchange.push.mail.notify.use_ox_login=fal se

# Whether to use the full email address from aliases or just use the
# localpart.
# When using a multidomain setup where the imap login is an email address,
# this should be set to true.
# If not, login might not be unique because and
# might be different users.
# Note: Do NOT set com.openexchange.push.mail.notify.imap_login_delim iter in this case!
com.openexchange.push.mail.notify.use_full_email_a ddress=false