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    Default open-xchange-passwordchange-script, don't work?


    A month ago, I can change ldap password with the OX interface with the open-xchange-passwordchange-script. It works fine, but once it stopped working. I think it was one update a month ago, possibly the 6.20 version update. Now, when I try change the password with OX interface there are any error, all seems OK, but the password don't change. I think that OX not enter in my password change script (related in change_pwd_script.properties), without giving any error in the log.

    I'm using the method-2 of the OXpedia:

    Any idea about a possible change in the last updates?



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    The open-xchange-passwordchange-script does not work again. It stopped working a few weeks ago and the problem was solved, but since the last updates it does not work again.

    My OX version is 6.20.0 Rev36


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