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    Default ASE - Attachments opens external programs


    since the update to 6.18 ASE we noticed that email attachments will be opened directly with an external helper application. It doesn't matter which browser you use (we tested Firefox 3 - 4 and MSIE 8, also seen on ox.io (v6.20)).

    Is there a config option or a way to disable this? Because it's not neccessary to open a jpeg with windows imager or gwenview/gimp on *nix, display it inside the browser should be sufficient.


    Johannes Müller-Lahn

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    Hi Johannes,

    every attachment at the OX GUI offers a "save" and a "open" action. What happens when chosing "open" (the default) depends on the browser. "Save" will always open the download dialog. Perhaps the browser configuration needs to be adjusted in respect of handling certain MIME types?


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    Hi Martin,

    I know the case about "save" or "open". Since we updated, when you click on open he opens directly the openwith dialog of firefox or internet explorer (same behaviour like on "save" action). I'm nearly sure that I dont need to adjust my browser for its mime type config, because this happens also on different windows systems.

    On 6.16 the "open" action opened for example pdf and jpegs inside the browser. Is it maybe a bug? I can reproduce this behaviour also on ox.io.


    Johannes Müller-Lahn


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