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    Default Open-Xchange Releases Preview 2 of Open-Xchange Mobile Web App v0.9.0

    Open-Xchange Releases Preview 2 of Open-Xchange Mobile Web App v0.9.0

    Open-Xchange is glad to announce the Preview 2 of Open-Xchange Mobile Web App. With this new preview version we now provide partners, customers and our community with a improved version.

    Open-Xchange provides some information for your successful beta testing on a special Open-Xchange website. There you will find the following information:
    • Basic introduction to feature set
    • Installation guide, requirements, configuration guide
    • Reporting
    • Etc.

    Please follow the link: http://www.open-xchange.com/en/mobilewebapp

    Please Note: You cannot just upgrade to this new version because we changed the versioning to a lower version (from to 0.9.0). In order to install this latest version, you either need to uninstall the current version or download the latest version manually and install using

     dpkg -i open-xchange-gui-mobile*.deb
    on Debian and on RPM based systems

     rpm --force -Uhv open-xchange-gui-mobile*.rpm
    When reporting bugs, please include the version number in your bug report.
    Product: OX Mobile Web App

    You will find the complete Bug Fix-List at the Release Notes:

    Open-Xchange is eagerly interested in learning about your tests, specifically in your specific environment. Please provide us with your feedback via the mailing list or report issues via our Public Bugzilla. Many thanks in advance to all preview testers who participate in the preview testing.
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