Hi. I have installed open-xchange- in CentOS 5.5.
At the moment, we mainly used it for sharing documents. Each group of users have several folders where they upload files.
But, when new members are added to a group, they have to wait for five minutes to the folders asociated with their groups appear in the panel (in addition to have to logout and login again).

I guess it is related to the parameter MaxLifeSeconds of the JCS caches. However, I could not find out what cache in the cache.ccf files is involved (will be possibly several?).
I have disabled folder cache in foldercache.properties and have modified timeouts in cache.ccf and I have only succeed when I have deleted all cache regions except the default one. But this is not recommended.

Could you give me any clues to get reduce the refresh time for the folders accesible by each user.

Best regards.