Dear TB3-Oxtender Community,

I am using TB 3.1.9 together with TB-Oxtender 1.7.5-4 and Lightning 1.0b2 on both Windows XP and Windows 7 and noticed the following behaviour.

I selected option to sync all future events.
Events that are more than 12 month in the future, however, are displayed in the lightning calendar view (e.g. in month) but are not in the list of events.
I can not search for those events. Hence they are very hard to find (e.g. when I want to look up conference time)

Moreover, those events are not transferred to my mobile (using Birdiesync)

If I create an event in summer 2013 it is first visible in list view, but disappears on sync.

This behaviour does not occur with a local calendar. So I think it is an issue of the Oxtender add-on.

Hope, this helps to improve TB-Oxtender