Sometimes an OX server is reachable and used with more than one domain name, on the other hand certain 3rd party services limit API keys to a single domain name. To reconcile this, a deferrer is used on a main domain to redirect the browser to the users proper domain.

The new bundle com.openexchange.http.deferrer, or package open-xchange-http-deferrer, respectively, add a new Servlet to undertake the redirection. Client code wanting to create such a url are advised to use the com.openexchange.http.deferrer.DeferringURLService to construct URLs to be used in this fashion.

The bundle introduces a new configuration parameter com.openexchange.http.deferrer.url (usually found in to set the main URL for a certain installation (for example: https://mymaindomain.invalid). When the configuration parameter is not set ( the default ), a single domain setup is assumed and the extra defer-step is omitted.

==== As an administrator, what do I have to do? =====

If your OX server is reachable only via one host name, you won't have to do anything. If it is reachable by more than one host name, create or open the file /opt/openexchange/etc/groupware/ and set the properties therein as such:


substituting the value of the property for the domain for which you registered the facebook and msn keys. (If you don't have those yet, choose one of your host names to function as the main one and create the keys accordingly.)