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    Default OXtender files in Local Settings


    we're considering to use Open-XChange at our university and are thus checking if everything is working for us.

    One major problem is the Outlook OXtender. Our users have roaming profiles so they are not bound to one computer and can switch offices and work together without problems. But the problem is that the local settings, where the OXtender keeps his data, isn't part of the roaming profile. There are options to move the log files to another folder, but how can we change the folder for the rest of the data? This is really a problem, since it breaks the Outlook profile with every reboot and the user has to create a new one.

    Would be great if there would be a way to change that behaviour.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

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    Dear Oliver,

    I'm your account manager and was in contact with Mr. List in January.

    Regarding Outlook Oxtender features we should involve somebody from technical presales department, please send me your contact data to daniel.halbe (at) open-xchange.com to follow up.

    Best regards,


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