Open-Xchange releases Public PTF 2011-05-25 for OX ASE & SE for UCS v.6.20

This Release fixes bugs of Open-Xchange Server 6 v.6.20 for all Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition and Open-Xchange Server Edition for UCS.*We encourage administrators of Open-Xchange v6.20 to install this update.*The PTF is available for all customers with a valid Open-Xchange license.

Shipped Packages and Version:
OX v6.20

You will find the complete Bug Fix-List in the Release Notes:

Installation of this PTF:
  • The system can be updated as usual for UCS using the univention-updater net command or the UMC module Online Update.
  • Please enter your username/password first under the component called „OX" and activate it.
  • In the online-updates module of UMC, under Release information, there is provided the new update
  • Click on "Install this update"
  • Reboot

Please note: If the update fails with "Error: Update aborted due to configuration error: Configuration error: credentials not accepted" please follow the instructions at

In addition, this bug has been fixed in the integration package. If an update is done from an old 6.18.2 based system, the workaround isn't needed anymore.