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    Default How are you to connect to your email from email client

    Hi all first post, Just installed ox community on debian squeeze, I can access my email by going to http://ox.mysite.co.uk/ and all is well however how do I connect my email client thunderbird to get mail, I found the thunderbird extender and that hooks up calendar and contacts but no mail, the only way I think is to hook up directly to my mail server and grab mail from there but I was under the impression that open exchange would deal with the fetching of mail from the mail server.

    Any help or advise would be greatly recieved.

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    Open-Xchange works like a usual E-Mail client, it also connects through IMAP. The OXtender for Thunderbird is meant to synchronize calendar and contacts. Thunderbird is already able to deal with IMAP very well so no need to add a separate interface here.


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