I have to update an relativly old AE System to ASE.

If I do as I'm told in the guide: http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...nstallation_en
And click for "Check Updates" under ox the system tells me no updates available.

All the License things are fine. So it must be another problem.

I spottet in apt sources list: deb http://myuser:mypass@oxae-update.ope.../component/ox/ ./

My UCS Version is currently 2.2-2 and I can do an ucs update to 2.2-3
Am I supposed to do each incremental update for ucs up to the current version of 2.4 before I can update the ox component or can I just go directly from 2.2-2 to 2.4, and then just trigger the ox update?