The contact aggregator can be enabled by enabling the property By default this is turned off. Installations in which the contact aggregation feature should be enabled, must switch this property to true.

The contact aggregator knows how to do two kinds of aggregation runs. A fast run and a slow run. The fast run will collect all contacts from all folders a user can see, the slow run will, in addition, scour all email accounts for email addresses. Whether the system does these runs, and how often can be configured with the properties: l and l

The value can be a number of milliseconds or an interval specification with ms for milliseconds, s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours, d for days and w for weeks. For example, if you want to do the fast run once a day and the slow run once a week you could configure the following: l=1d l=1w

By default, slow runs are deactivated, fast runs are performed once a day.

In case you allow slow runs, the number of mails per mailfolder can be configured with the property:

You can configure a list of folders that should not be part of an aggregation run with the property t

which can contain a comma separated blacklist of folderIds.