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    Default Is it possible to sync Thunderbird 5 with OX6 community edition?

    I've just installed the community edition of OX6 server and am a little confused with syncing TB5 and OX6. It appears the Oxtender for Thunderbird is not compatible with TB5. I also saw discussions about using CalDAV and CardDAV to sync calendars and addressbook with TB5 but that seems to be only for licensed versions of OX and hasn't been released yet.

    Can someone please shed some light as to what my options are at the moment?

    I would like to sync my TB5 calendars, tasks and addressbook/s with OX6 and Android without going through Google. If necessary I could roll back TB5 to TB3.1 if a robust solution exists.

    Many thanks.

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    for Thunderbird connector specific questions please use the dedicated subforum as it's community supported only and people would see it only there probably.
    CalDAV and CardDAV is released as beta features but only in the closed update repository at the moment.
    So your best option still is the Thunderbird OXtender. I heard rumours that it still works with TB5 but the XPI is not marked compatible yet but that's really a question for the other subforum.


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    Thanks. I'll ask in the sub forum.


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